Unique and ENTO-taining educational programs for people of all ages and abilities!

Meet Dr. Giebink
aka "Bruce The Bug Guy"Like my hat?

The BUG Show is a unique hands-on and ENTO-taining educational program that features a wide assortment of living and preserved insects and related arthropods. Displays of unusual and spectacular insects from around the world, combined with a variety of LIVE insects, spiders, scorpions and millipedes give participants a truly close-up and unique look at the “amazing and hidden world of insects and arthropods.” The hands-on and interactive nature of the program-- kept lively with humor, fun props and occasional “surprises”--make it especially meaningful and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities.

Gelinda and Tarantula

Known by many as “Bruce The BUG Guy,” Dr. Giebink has devoted a significant amount of his time and energy to educating audiences about insects. He has been involved with researching and observing insects for over 25 years and always welcomes the opportunity to share what he has learned with his audience.

He received his doctorate in Entomology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to founding “The Bug Zone, LLC” in 2000, he coordinated pest management and water quality programs as an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Giebink has published various scientific and popular publications on insects, has helped train teachers to teach insect curricula and is an energetic speaker on many insect-related topics.

For over 10 years Dr. Giebink has presented programs to audiences of all ages—especially children—in a variety of settings:

His goals are to help educate (and ENTOtain) the public so people will develop a better understanding of insects/arthropods and learn to co-exist with them, or at least tolerate them better. Insects, especially insect diversity, are a good indicator of the health of the environment. When the environment is no longer suitable for them, it will no longer be suitable for us; for all parts of nature are interconnected.

Dr. Giebink is fully aware of the many myths, misconceptions, and urban legends associated with insects (and their kin) and tries to clear up as many of these as possible, such as the common misconception that tarantulas are aggressive and highly venomous.